Polygonized background with PXB Online event logo in center.

Phoenix Blue stands proud to be hosting PXB: Online as the third event in the S.A.M.E. circuit lineup.

PXB: Online is an online three-day event packed to the brim with competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee content. The event will include Singles and Doubles brackets, an event-wide matchmaking ladder, national crews battling it out, AND a special Smash Sisters event.

Official event streams will be broadcasted on Beyond the Summit’s Twitch channels BTSSmash and BTSSmash2 by the eminent GeekyGoonSquad and PhoenixSmash.

Registrations are open until March 23, 11:59 pm GMT so get your entry fees sorted right away to avoid missing out on the action!

Register: https://smash.gg/pxbo