About Us

Elevating Swedish Grassroot Esports

Support where you need it

As PXB we take very different shapes and constellations depending on the project that we are working on. Throughout the years we have found ourselves in primarily being that supportive pillar you can lean on for organizers and broadcasters across the world.  Got something brewing? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter with a DM to see how we can create something spectacular together.



When we are hosting our own events however, we make sure that the reason why we are doing it is crystal clear; the community. No matter if you’re looking at FESTA, the PXB event series, or our FGC locals in Jönköping – we’ve built our events and really put our money where our mouth is. Attending a PXB event should feel like a premium experience to the fullest extent that we are able to provide it.


A driven collective

The people who strongly identify themselves as a part of PXB are usually very driven creatives who want to use their collected knowledge and experience to give back to the Swedish esports community. Thanks to the large group of people we can proudly call our close friends and fellow members, we’re able to create something far beyond what you could expect from a regular non-profit association. We love sharing our knowledge with other driven people so if you are interested in helping out with our next event, please give us a shout on Discord!

What We Do

Jönköping Esports Center

PXB has a shared venue in Jönköping together with the student esports association JUSTICE called the Jönköping Esports Center where we host most of our events in the area. The venue contains two bootcamp rooms equipped with esports-ready gaming PCs and 240hz monitors from ZOWIE.


Content Production

On top of the JEC, we also have a modern broadcasting studio on the same floor where we are able to produce everything from a national championship broadcast to a smaller podcast. We usually also bring our equipment and staff to events across Europe such as DreamHack Summer/Winter, Nordic Women’s Championships, E-sport SM etc. Together with our in-house team and our close relationship with contractors, we’re able to deliver almost every content production role you could possibly need for your event.


Event Organizing

PXB hosts and co-hosts a variety of tournaments every year. Our team consists of league operators and program & project managers with significant experience in leading large-scale esports tournaments and programs – something we put to good use when running our own (or our partners’!) events. FESTA is currently our biggest recurring project every year, but stay tuned for more exciting developments coming from the PXB event team.

The PXB Board

The dedicated people elected by the PXB Annual Meeting to lead the association during 2024 – 2025.

Chairman | Broadcast Lead

Viktor Erlandsson

Secretary | Developer

Adam Peleback

Vice Chairman | Project Manager

Kasper Kamateros

Board Member | Event Manager

Mathilda Alexanderson

Board Member

Max Wolffsohn

Board Member

Axel Tält

Board Member | FGC Lead

Richard Björkman