• PXB 1 - Halmstad

    Phoenix Blue 1, hosted in the Halmstad Theatre, was the beginning of the now fabled Phoenix Blue event series. Over 100 participants took part, amongst them european stars like Leffen and professor pro. Unlike it’s successor, PXB 1 only featured Super Smash Bros. Melee.

  • PXB 2 - Malmö

    Phoenix Blue 2 is the biggest tournament Phoenix Blue has organized. Over 200 participants, from 13 different countries, took part, and the tournament had over 24 000 hours watched on Twitch.

  • Poseidon

    In 2018, Phoenix Blue hosted “Poseidon”, a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, together with some of Gothenburgs most prevalent tournament organizers.

  • Zurich Game Show

    Phoenix Blue were responsible for the main stage production at Zurich Game Show 2018 and 2019.

  • Fantasy Basel

    Phoenix Blue ran the main stage production at Fantasy Basel 2019.

  • PXB + Kappa Bar fireside gathering

    Together with Kappa Bar Jönköping, PXB organized a Fireside Gathering, which is a meetup for players interested in Hearthstone, meant to grow the local community.

  • PXB Tavern Hero Qualifier

    In 2017, Phoenix Blue hosted a tavern hero qualifier in Jönköping, giving aspiring Hearthstone pros a chance to qualify for the european playoffs.

  • PXB @ Birdie 28

    Phoenix Blue were responsible for all esport tournaments at the 28th iteration of Sweden’s oldest LAN, Birdie.

  • Jullov på Smeden

    Together with our national association Esport United and the municipality of Jönköping, PXB helped organize “Jullov på Smeden”, providing activities for the local youth during the christmas break.