Without our partners, there wouldn't be any PXB. We strive to build strong connections with others to provide our community with amazing deals.

Esport United

Esports United is a Swedish national youth federation consisting of over 15 local associations building the esports grassroots. The federation works towards lowering the thresholds of entering into esports organising and supplies its membership associations with funds, equipment, and guidance.

Interested in starting your own non-profit, or simply want to learn more? Head over to their website (Swedish) to see what ESU can do for you.

Jönköpings kommun

The municipality of Jönköping supports PXB with funds through a partnership program for local non-profits in the region. With their support, we’re able to finance our esports and event venue inside of Science Park in Jönköping.


Svenska Onlineligan is the official national competition for League of Legends in Sweden. Boasting 700+ players in their current competitive season, they are the definitive authority on the game in the country.

SOL brings a unique perspective to the table by being one of the longest running recurring league in the region. They have established a devoted community of League of Legends players, talent, and contributors who will provide key insights, crucial to the success of the any tournament they contribute to.