On December 21, Destination Jönköping announced that Martina Bohl will be taking on the role as project manager for the new, extended venture with Dreamhack that was announced in December.  Jönköping continues to profile itself as “The City of Dreamhack” and this is clearly another step on that very same path.

Who is Martina, you might ask?
Martina is an educated journalist at Södra Vätterbygdens folkhögskola. After a few years within the Hall Media group she educated herself further to “operative digital communicator”. After her education she has been employed as a communicator and project manager at the municipality of Jönköping as well as development company SMUAB. Her last employment was project manager at the marketing department of Jönköping municipality.

These are Martina’s first words after the announcement:

– It’s going to be incredibly exciting to take on a project that will be such a positive effect on the municipality, the city of Jönköping and Dreamhack. To be able to create new initiatives but also preserve the ideas and passion that already exists, and work together to create a city that lives and breathes Dreamhack all year long. I’m looking forward to take lead in the development of the digital culture in the municipality.


Phoenix Blue welcome Martina to her new role and wish her the best of luck. 

Source: https://www.destinationjonkoping.se/nyheter/martina-bohl-blir-projektledare-foer-nysatsning-i-samarbetet-med-dreamhack